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To describe what an equine chiropractor is, you would have to try to understand that root word of the two. Equine originated from a Latin word equnus or equus that means horse, while chiropractor is a heath care professional that deals with the coordination of the brain and the nervous system through the spinal cord and the vertebrae. Together it simply means chiropractors for horses. The best place to find an equine chiropractor for your horse is to check with other horse owners or go to the Internet and search for “equine chiropractors.” There are several sites listed that give lots of good information and also list seminars and classes available. A reliable source is the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. If you go to their web site, you’ll find lots of informative articles, as well as certification courses for veterinarians and chiropractors.

If you are looking for an equine chiropractor, make sure you find someone who has a solid reputation and has training in animal chiropractics. Unfortunately, there are people out there without training who claim to be animal chiropractors, and they can seriously harm or kill a horse. You also need to know that chiropractic treatment does not substitute for veterinarian care. Always check with your veterinarian first if your animal is showing any signs of stress or illness.

The main reasons that horses might need a chiropractor for treatment are a poor fitting saddle, an injury, improper riding, leg problems and improper shoeing. But again, always consult with your veterinarian first.