Are Chiropractors Real Doctors?  

Chiropractor Doctor

Chiropractors, also called doctors of chiropractic, treat patients who are suffering from musculoskeletal and nervous system problems. Chiropractic treatments provide relief for people having problems of the spine.

Chiropractic medicine treats the abnormalities of the vertebral column that hamper the function of the nervous system. These misaligned vertebra can lower resistance and immunity thus causing new health challenges.

Chiropractic education is very similar to medical and dental education that requires three to four years of undergraduate studies and an additional 4 years of post-graduate education. Chiropractic coursework includes anatomy, physiology, orthopedic, neurologic courses, x-ray, nutrition and philosophy. In the area of x-ray study, chiropractors actually have many more hours of education than medical doctors. Chiropractic coursework in x-ray consists of x-ray safety, techniques, factors, positioning, and interpretation. In addition, chiropractors have more hours of study in nutrition than students in medical school receive. Chiropractors are recognized in all 50 states as doctors.

A chiropractor should have considerable experience, as well as excellent observational and diagnostic skills that help in detecting physical irregularity and joint problems. In addition, your chiropractor should possess the important quality of compassion in working with people.

A good chiropractor provides non-surgical, drug-free treatment and also offers suggestions and education about the benefits of individual lifestyle changes. Some chiropractors will analyze the posture of a person in order to identify postural deviations. A chiropractor may provide additional treatment using laser therapy and ultrasound or massage, and also offer education about exercise and nutrition.

In addition to the therapies above, many chiropractors specialize in sports medicine, pediatrics, orthopedics, nutrition or internal disorders. Chiropractors utilize the standard medical history information in order to diagnose and analyze, the source of the problem. In addition, a competent chiropractor will perform neurological tests and orthopedic examinations. Some may request or require laboratory tests such as x-rays and other diagnostic imaging that will aid their diagnosis of misaligned vertebra and spinal problems.

So, if you suffer with back pain, headaches, or neck pain then a trial of conservative chiropractic treatment is appropriate.

Dr. Jamie Phillips is a Chiropractor in Ventura California. She has been in private practice for 23 years. She has extensive knowledge of chiropractic techniques, neurologic and orthopedic conditions. She has treated over 6000 cases of neck pain, back pain, headaches, other musculoskeletal conditions.

She has recently started coaching chiropractors and other professionals in the social marketing aspects of practice.